240 Lt. Sıcak Daldırma Galvaniz Çöp Konteyneri

240 Lt. Hot Dip Galvanized Garbage Container


  • Body and Cover 1.5 mm. Made of.
  • Two pieces of body hair curl, body form is given in the press to increase strength.
  • Body is reinforced mouth is surrounded profile.
  • Cover one-piece sheet metal presses sıvanıp increased strength.
  • Available for installation in the side arm and the handle.
  • Chassis with two wheels and two feet in size is 150 x 45.
  • Bottom and sides are welded to complete.
  • The name of the front surface and the Municipal Waste Atan is the human figure caption.
  • Container Technical Drawing and were manufactured according to specifications complete, Hot-Dip Galvanized Galvanized system TS 914 EN ISO 1461 standard.

important Note ; Blink loses its ability to galvanize welds in galvanized containers, retouched with paint. Galvanized coating thickness of 10 microns. A container made ​​of hot-dip galvanized whether, after the completion of welding processes complete the entire surface of hot dip galvanizing system (including sources) 80-90 micron thick galvanizlenip, long life can be ensured.