About Us

Our firm;

Waste container production in Turkey, the most powerful, highest quality, most SERIAL PRODUCTION, has proven to be a leading company in the best possible price.

Our company has 15 years of knowledge and experience, 15 years of manufacturing experience in the waste container products produced by the environment and serve his country. Our company is Hot Dip Galvanized Coating (Zinc Plated) won the country’s economy by establishing an on-site facility.

Our company is making a revolution in the garbage container garbage containers for hot-dip galvanized to provide long-lasting covering, which has achieved a first in Turkey and has offered valuable municipalities. 97% of municipalities are currently prefer hot-dip galvanized garbage container.

Our company is located in Turkey around 2200 and monthly in 4000 met the needs of the municipality 1800’ünün Waste Container with a capacity of 5000 m2 covered area operates toplam357.000 m2.