Galvanized Coating

Founded hot dip galvanizing plant with German technology, degreasing pickling, washing, rinsing, drying Fula x is the new units. Hot-dip boiler and heating equipment 150x170x160 cm and measures in place to kullanıldı.Kazan German technology system with the system, however, more than double dipping tayız covering materials. Hot galvanized cooling output of the pasıvasyonla our tail covered with German technology, chemicals Chrome +3 galvanized materials pruning keeps longer without fading color.

Measures in place to win 160 * 170 * 170 By the hot-dip galvanized coating facility Our company has been activating an average 45-55-70-85 -90 microns or desired micron coating thickness is made. This opportunity to wish you good deeds.

Hot Dip Galvanizing What is it?

Immersed in the molten zinc bath of iron and steel materials to make the surface a protective coating containing zinc and zinc compounds işlemidir.İşlem temperature 445-460 ° C? respectively. The following microstructures of iron, zinc, tight, powerful and hard seems to be connected in a way. Almost every type of iron and steel products, hot-dip galvanizlenebilir but the chemical composition of the material used in the composition homogeneity, such as surface condition variables, are important factors in order to achieve successful results.

0.25%? Under less carbon,
0.05%? less than phosphorus,
1.35%? manganese less than
0.05%? silicon less than
For Steels with traditional techniques are generally suitable for galvanizing.